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Periodontal and Dental Implant Specialists in Allen, TX

Welcome to our practice! Here, we believe in the importance of preserving natural teeth whenever possible. Our periodontist team is here to provide top-quality care, using both surgical and nonsurgical treatments to keep your gums and bones strong and healthy.


Sometimes, keeping a natural tooth isn’t an option. In these cases, dental implants can be a great, reliable choice to help bring back your smile and ability to chew comfortably. We're dedicated to helping you find the best solution that fits your needs and desires.


In our office, we use the latest methods and technology to ensure you receive the best care possible. We also think it’s important for you to know about your treatment options, so we'll always take the time to talk with you about your oral health and help you make confident choices.


If you're looking for a practice that prioritizes the preservation of natural teeth and offers reliable options for tooth loss, you’re in the right place. Schedule your visit with us and let’s collaborate on your journey to optimal gum health and a brilliant smile.

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Periodontists in Allen, TX

Dr. Ted Ling Board-Certified Periodontist

Dr. Ted Ling

Board-Certified Periodontist
Dr. Jenny Tai Board-Certified Periodontist

Dr. Jenny Tai

Board-Certified Periodontist

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